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Much loved by many, Tenerife is a popular vacation retreat that has been attracting tourists for decades. Over the years, common misconceptions about the island have surfaced and become widespread, so it is clearly time to separate fact from fiction.

It’s cold in the north

There is a common belief that you should only go to the south of Tenerife if you want to enjoy vacations in the Canary Islands that involve lots of sunshine. In fact, there is a slight difference between the north and south of the island with respect to temperature and climate, but you have to put this into perspective. The north usually has more clouds and rain than the south, but the climate is still subtropical, so even in the north you can still expect to bask in the sun with hot, sunny weather for much of the year.

Tenerife is like Britain with Sun

It is not uncommon to hear the unfounded notion that Tenerife is just like Britain, but with better weather. This could not be further from the truth. If you want all-day breakfasts, karaoke, British-style boozers and baked beans in the stores, you can find them in a small bag of well-established resorts, but the vast majority of Tenerife has its own distinct Canarian character, a crying measure of something akin to Britain. If you are looking for an authentic Spanish holiday, it can easily be found in many parts of Tenerife.

The Sand is Black

If you have opted not to visit Tenerife for your vacation in the past because you don’t like the idea of sunbathing on black sand beaches, you are wrong. You can, of course, find black sand beaches on the island, and these normally tend to be in the north and west. However, in many parts, especially in the south and east, you will find plenty of long stretches of golden beaches. Certainly, if you don’t want black sand beaches as a feature of your Tenerife vacation, you don’t have to have it.

Teide is covered with snow all year round.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Tenerife’s highest peak, Teide, many of which are false. The most common myth is that the mountain is covered with snow all year round. In fact, snow is usually only found on the mountain during the winter. It does, on occasion, also for a little longer, but if you go during the summer, you are not likely to find snow on the mountain. A visit at any time of year is both spectacular and memorable whether or not snow is present on this majestic peak.

Tenerife is pronounced Ten-er-eef in English.

Most English people probably call this popular Canary Islander Ten-er-eef, but the locals actually pronounce Ten-er-if-eh. By the way, you’re likely to be misunderstood if you don’t pronounce the name correctly, but it’s always rewarding when on vacation to make the effort to grasp some basics of the language.

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