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What is paragliding?
Paragliding is an aerial sport that has a history of more than twenty years and is becoming increasingly popular. As in other air sports (such as hang gliding or lightweight gliding) paragliding uses air currents (thermals) to stay in the air, to gain hight and to fly long distances (cross-country flight). In general, the take-off takes place in a mountain area, but the take-off can happen in a field area as well using the winch. Using the wind and thermal currents, the paraglider can stay in the air for hours and can fly long distances of hundreds of kilometers.

What is Tandem Paragliding?
Tandem paragliding is a paragliding flight that has two people flying together: one is the pilot and the other is the passenger. The tandem is larger than that of a solo and has two seats.
During the flight the pilot seats behind the passenger and maneuvers the glider. The passenger does not need any special training just some tips before flying. Tandem paragliding is a free flight.

For whom?
Tandem paragliding is recommended to all those who want to experience the pleasure of flying and do not have the opportunity to do it alone, by themselves.
It can be offered as a gift to friends for special occasions, so they will have unforgettable memories.
Also tandem paragliding is suitable for those who seek adventure, relaxation or who want to experience a new dimension: the flight.

Mountain Tandem Paragliding
The take-off takes place from a small steep hill according to the direction and strength of the wind and thermal currents. After take-off and during the flight, the pilot and passenger are seated in very comfortable harnesses attached to the glide by carabiners.
Before each flight a detailed technical examination of the equipment is carried out.
Important to know
Passengers with health problems such as heart disorders, high blood pressure, acrophobia (fear of maxima), obesity, can still fly in tandem, but they have to tell the pilot of their condition in advance so that he can take all the necessary precautions for the proposed situation.

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