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We have flown with a highly qualified company with more than 15 years of experience practicing paragliding flights and training paragliding instructors. Our pilot flies according to the latest safety standards and only with previously tested material.

The tandem flight is the best way to try this sport and to get in touch with paragliding. During the flight you can contemplate the splendid nature of Tenerife from a bird’s eye view. The instructors will also explain the aerodynamic conditions and wind and thermal components, making it a fabulous flight with the highest safety standards.
So if you are looking for a new experience and want to enjoy every moment during the flight, you have made the right choice with a tandem paragliding flight. From the beginning of your adventure until the end of the flight you will be accompanied by a qualified member of the technical team. Experience shows that after flying for the first time you will see the elements of the sky and the wind with different eyes, you will understand them better and you will most likely want to fly again, as you now know what a great experience paragliding is.


After pilots and passengers have introduced themselves, we will advise you on what to bring for a comfortable paragliding flight. We recommend that you wear trekking boots, or comfortable non-open shoes (no heels, sandals or the like) and warm clothes. Especially in winter and performance flights we recommend wearing gloves and something to cover the head, because the air at altitude can be quite cold.

Before takeoff, we will visually reconnoiter the flight area so that you can get an idea of the course of the flight. We will give you the necessary instructions to perfectly perform the technique of take-off, flight and landing.

The harness will be adjusted for the tandem flight and the helmet will be given to you. The paragliding technical team will prepare the equipment and check that the conditions are ideal to go flying. Let’s go!

Ready for take-off:

Once everything is ready, you will be anchored to the pilot, the passenger is attached to the front and the pilot to the back. Before the start with the paraglider, you are always asked if everything is ready on your part and only then the pilot will decide the most appropriate time for take-off (always depending on the wind and its direction). It will be explained to you that even if you are going out with the mentality of making a long and fast run, you will feel a resistance from the glider, but you should not stop trying to run. If a problem should occur during take-off, you would simply stop and start again. The advantage of paragliding is that everything happens very slowly and you can start again without any problem. The passenger only has to think about his or her own race, as the pilot will coordinate everything else.

The glider takes off at about 15 km/hour. If we have a 15 km/h headwind we will practically inflate the glider and in only 2 or 3 meters we will be in the air. If there is no wind, the space needed for take-off will be a little more.

During the flight:

After the race and having taken off, the pilot will tell you when you can sit in the chair. For that, you don’t have to do anything special, just let yourself go and enjoy the comfort, safety and this new sensation of paragliding flight just discovered.

Before landing, the pilot will warn you. Just like at take-off, we will get up and get ready to run. As a general rule it is like jumping from a 20 cm high stool. If the take-off is easy, the landing is even easier.
Once on the ground, you will really become aware of how wonderful paragliding is.

Our provider uses the latest generation of certified flight equipment for tandem flights. The paragliders are designed to support a load range between 140 and 220 kg. The pilot has harnesses with emergency parachutes and high security maillons, everything necessary to make you feel calm and safe. The technical team speaks Spanish, English and some German.

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