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The flight from Taucho is the most basic flight among our different options. This flight lasts between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on weather conditions. We take off from 800 meters and fly between ravines and mountains, passing over the small village of La Quinta and the municipality of Adeje. Most of the time we land on the beach of La Enramada, located in La Caleta (depending on weather conditions).


The falcon flight is a flight with a touch more charm. We will take off from a protected natural site located approximately 1100 meters above sea level. We will fly over the town of Adeje and Fañabe.

This flight lasts approximately 15-25 minutes. Landing is normally at La Caleta beach (depending on weather conditions).


The Ifonche flight is for you if you want a longer flight in Adeje. After take off from 1100 meters, we will fly for 30-40 minutes towards the sea, between mountains and ravine over Adeje and Fañabé. We land (depending on weather conditions) on the beach of La Enramada, located in La Caleta.


Flying over Izaña is completely different from other flights! You will love this flight if you want to experience a long relaxing flight with incredible views of the Teide National Park. After taking off from 2200 meters, we slowly descend to the coast – Approximately 40 minutes. Depending on weather conditions, we will land in El Puerto de la Cruz or El Puertito de Güimar.